Speed Gluing (Yet More Collages)

If you come to visit me & I appear to not be listening to you, rest assured that I am listening, but I am also burning off nervous energy by making these collages, none of which took more than ten minutes to compose, cut & paste. The collages are as unpremeditated as I can make them. I really am listening--the conversation keeps me from thinking about what my hands are spontaneously doing.

Click on images for larger view. Originals are 6 x 6"

Author: jd

Joseph Duemer is Professor of Literature Emeritus at Clarkson University in northern New York state. His most recent book of poems is Magical Thinking from Ohio State University Press. Since the mid-1990s he has spent a good deal of time in Vietnam, mostly Hanoi. He lives with his wife Carole & five terriers (four Jack Russells & one Patterdale) on the stony bank of the Raquette River in South Colton.

3 thoughts on “Speed Gluing (Yet More Collages)”

  1. These are beautiful. Visual haiku from the multiverse. Well done. I take particular “exception” (sorry: accept[ion]) to “Blue Money”. Indeed. Yes, yes, and yes again. Ripped that/ & look:/ what light/ there! (Don’t be Blue/ O.k., be/ Blue as you/ feel. // Well/ feel!)

  2. Thanks, Peter. I was thinking of the old Van Morrison song, as in “We’ll go down and spend all of your blue money.”

    1. Van Morrison’s been on my mind here, too. I heard the phrase playing in my head when I saw the words in your collage. (Then again, *this* “Money” produced _Blue Square_ so the combo is ripe all around for me!)

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