Josh Marshall on McCain / Palin

Most people who come by this space probably also read Josh Marshall’s TPM, but if you don’t, then please read this post about John McCain. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi will “take impeachment off the table” when it turns out that Vice President Palin has lied to the grand jury investigating Troopergate, as she inevitably will.

I’m not saying that Obama will not win, but as Marshall notes, it is clearly possible that John McCain will be our next president, as lying, race-baiting, & morally unfit a president as we will have had since Nixon. And if McCain is our next president, speaking personally, I will simply have to give up the last shreds of my liberal American idealism & admit to myself that I live among a jingoistic, shallow, racist, selfish, & stupid citizenry. So, yeah, I’m an elitist — I believe in trying to find the truth, however provisional — while my salt-of-the-earth fellow Americans — at least half of them, those ordinary folk Mrs. Palin is supposed to appeal to — have become the sort of radical moral relativists so long denounced by the culture warriors of the hard right, a deeply ironic turn of events the right itself  seems completely unaware of. Allan Bloom & William Bennett where art thou?