Big Snow

Usually we don’t get snow that sticks until well into November, but last night a foot of heavy wet snow fell. Toom me almost two hours to get home because the roads were blocked by jackknifed trucks. We lost power overnight, but it came back on around five this morning. When we went outside we saw that an old trapdoor on our deck had collapsed, so we can’t let the terriers out there until we get it covered up. Tree limbs are broken & the top of an oak tree out back is bent over and cracked. It’s still snowing, but much less now, so I will probably go in and meet my 4:00 class today. The forecast says this will begin to melt out tomorrow with temperatures in the 40s this weekend, but I went out this morning and spread sunflower seeds on the snow for the groundfeeding birds — I saw from the window a little flock of juncos looking desperate.