Pair of Ravens, Pileated Woodpecker

On our dog walk this morning Carole and I saw the pair of ravens (not crows) who live up on the hill and a pileated woodpecker flew across the road just in front of us, then went to work on an old snag with the sun behind him so that we could see the full glory of his red crest. Cool and clear this morning.

Still More Birds: Two Glimpses

This afternoon I took the terriers up along the Morgan Road & we saw a couple of wrens in the ditch weeds — couldn’t tell exactly what kind because they flitted away too quickly, but they had a prominent eye stripe. At the other end of the size scale, I heard a raven (not some measly crow) croaking away down by the river where I’ve heard them before. Then caught a brief glimpse of him (or her) through the trees just before we got caught in a downpour. The sun came back out as we turned for home.