Hot Pink Dawn

A hot pink dawn over the river this morning only lasted about thirty seconds, but highly intense. Some perceptions have to be caught on the fly, others can be savored. Perception is neutral, a register of input, to borrow an ugly term from electronics. It’s what one makes of the input–the phenomenological spark–that creates a meaning. I don’t know how. (Weather & atmospheric phenomena continue to be my master metaphors.) Light from the sun shining across the river / taste of the first sip of coffee. The adventure of what happens.

Note: First thing in the mornings, while Carole is making coffee, I often have the feeling that the various systems & subsystems of my body are coordinating with each other & coming into coherent functioning. That’s what’s supposed to happen. It’s bad news when “systems” are glitchy, but that has not been happening so much recently. Things going relatively smoothly–I almost said “booting up,” demonstrating how hard it can be to keep domains of metaphor separate, though I think it’s important to be able to do so.

Poetry for Peace

I’ll be participating in a group poetry reading tomorrow afternoon at the Brush Art Gallery at St. Lawrence University. Here is the Program:

“Communion”  Albert Glover
“The Sky’s Empty Paths” by Daud Kamal and “Visitors” by Faiz Ahmad Faiz (translated by Daud Kamal)  Ali Zaidi
“My Shoes are Outside” and “Moon’s Powder”  Becky Harblin
“Three Graces”  JeanMarie Martello
“You” and “Paradise”   John Berbrich
“The Room” and “An Event in the Capital”  Joseph Duemer
“Aristaeus House” and “Plots for Chickadees” Meredith Atkinson
“My Love on the Back Bumper of a Logging Truck”  Paul Doty
Selection from “Brethren: Order of the Seasons”  Robert Strong

Justice Matters

Are justice & peace incompatible values? Certainly, they compete, but in terms of contemporary atrocities, justice seems pretty often to pave the way for peace. Aryeh Neier, one of the founders of Human Rights Watch, offers some recent examples. What, I wonder, would be the pragmatic effect of bringing George W. Bush & Dick Cheney to justice. Just a little historical thought experiment.