Before I left for Vietnam, I put in an order of a specific Honda Civic with the local dealership. I understood that I would have to wait until the end of July for delivery; but when I returned, I was told they could find me a 2009 with the same specs. They have now told me, on four seperate occasions over the last two weeks that they “had a car,” only to have that car somehow slip from their grasp. On two occasions, I have actually come to the dealership expecting to drive away in a new Civic only to be told that “the other dealer sold the car before we got there to pick it up,” and on the one occasion when they actually got the car, it was not the model I wanted. Dealmaker Honda of Potsdam NY has taken all the fun out of this process. I’m thinking of taking the three grand I was going to use as a down payment and buying a junker to drive for a couple of years. I have only bought one new car in my life and this was supposed to be something of a treat, but these idiots have completely drained the pleasure out of the deal. And the whole dealership system for distributing cars is idiotic — one ought to be able to buy a car entirely on the internet, with maybe three showrooms per state so you could test drive a few actual cars. But this system of competing little principalities is inefficient and idiotic. I hope they go out of business.

Update: I suppose it’s a little stupid to get this invested in buying a car. In any case, I’ve told the delaer to just order me a 2010 Civic that will come on a truck in late July rather than fart around trying to find a 2009 in the right configuration. I put in my first “order” two months ago and it will be nearly two more months before delivery — How is this an efficient or reasonable way to sell cars? Or to sell anything?