Small Demon
May 242011

. . . class warfare with the stentorian pages of the New York Times editorial pages. This morning Brooks & Cohen are extolling the virtues of British Tory austerity. Since Paul Ryan turned out to be not quite so serious-minded & mature as Brooks thought a couple of weeks ago, it now looks as if the American working classes are supposed to accept the gutting of “entitlements” because it is so very British. Stiff upper lip & all that.

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Apr 112011

It’s not the cowboys they object to, but the poetry. Poetry is never anything but a joke in American culture, especially (but not exclusively) on the right.

Afterthought: One thing about poetry being despised & abject in the US — it confers freedom.

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Mar 082011

Republicans have a very traditional view of democracy. Apparently, they would like to return to a time when only white, male, property-owners could vote. But what I find particularly appalling is this idea that “feelings” are unreal. What the NH pol really means, of course, is “feelings” of generosity are unreal while “feelings” of selfishness are real. Makes the baby Jesus weep, really.

Update: And lest anyone think, with Lou in comments, that this is an isolated incident, or that it is not about disenfranchising (supposedly liberal) young voters, see this report from IHE. This is part of the Right’s playbook. Has been since at least Nixon.

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