Shawarma Palace Chicken Shawarma Sandwich

For more than a month I have been eating bland food--that's when I've felt like eating anything at all. Saltine crackers, oatmeal, peaches & cottage cheese . . . But the last couple of days my appetite has begun to return. A colleague dropped off some loaves of bread from his favorite bakery the other day & toasted it was life-restoring. Tonight, Carole was up in Ottawa with our new dog Buckle getting her first scent detection certifications. She stopped at the Shawarma Palace for dinner & brought me a plain chicken shawarma sandwich. Real Food. It was late when she got home & I didn't want to tempt the nausea gods out of hiding, so I only ate a couple of bites. It is difficult for me to describe how good those bites of sandwich tasted. Singer Warren Zevon, then dying of cancer, in his last TV appearance with David Letterman, advised viewers to "enjoy every sandwich." It's a cliché, of course, a tossed off piece of carpe diem perfectly suited to Zevon's persona; but at the same time--& I tell you this now from personal experience--it is achingly true. I'm looking forward to eating my chicken shawarma sandwich for breakfast. Talk about a morale boost. Update: Eaten for breakfast.

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Joseph Duemer is Professor of Literature Emeritus at Clarkson University in northern New York state. His most recent book of poems is Magical Thinking from Ohio State University Press. Since the mid-1990s he has spent a good deal of time in Vietnam, mostly Hanoi. He lives with his wife Carole & five terriers (four Jack Russells & one Patterdale) on the stony bank of the Raquette River in South Colton.

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  1. i LOVE toast. When Richard and I were in Dublin 1985 our only time staying in this cheap place downtown in a b&b over un-connected stores below (and the halls so trampoline-uneven) (it being for the Irish from the provinces) the bread racks were LOADED with all sorts of breads THAT you could toast if you wanted and BUTTER and cream and those almost hardboided eggs and other stuff. That was TOAST. And you know that bread is the staple of life, at least i learned then. An no ‘bubble’ breads.
    As to your swarama chicken sandwich this morning we had tamales brought up from McAllen, TX by my sister in law Elena De Los Santos Mycue (late bro Dave’s wife). She hauled those frozen from the Valley to Austin (for nephew Alfredo Mycuye’s 2nd masters at ut and then up here for niece Victoria Mycue PhD from CIIS in clinical psychology.
    We had some last night and more just an hour or so. These were chicken tamales. Usually we get nonmeat tamales from the Seventh Day Adventists, which are smaller but OH SO WUNDERbar wonderFUL. These were good too.
    I agree that food is “is” just by itself and that to commune with your food –food not fodder–is soaring into the Sequoias.
    Yr lucky with yr Carole. Richard and I 45 years ago met in the Sunday classical afternoon music that Donald Pippin presented in the Old Spaghetti Factory right off Grant Ave and Green, 45 years ago TODAY on Memorial Day the Sunday that year was 1971 and i have it written down as May 30 that year. So I am a day early in this date reckoning. AND AND WE GOT MARRIED in San Francisco City Hall on May 3, Monday, of this year 2016 at noon. We have been thinking of it for so long and just put it off, but he’s in his 73rd year now (1943) and i in my 80th (1937) and we are not tottery or such but there are issues galore. ISSUES GALORE. GLOROSKI. wE HAVE not told about it (we didn’t want to dim Toya’s (Victoria) and Alfredo’s achievements. Toya lives with her wife Diane Alcala (she’s from Del Rio up river from McAllen half way to Laredo where the De Los Santos’ come from) and is 2 blocks away from us.) Diana is a mft & social wkr across the Bay in Richmond. Yesterday in Berkeley at Moe’s I whispered (mouthy me) it to Owen Hill, poet, novelist, and bookclerk there for maybe 30 years now and in his 50’s. You are the next. (What’s after ‘next’? the old answer is ‘next’ and that after that is ‘next’.) I am having all sorts of aging ills including spinal (at the bottom tip) stenosis. Need to have sleep apnia machine. My skin is funky. And there is a narrowing closing uretha that has to be poked with a nylon stick to get it to open. PLUS my rearflow is almost constipated all the time and i need more fiber that seem possible mostly esp since we go to seniors lunches as we are close to broke (we survive on our soc sec — mine 1003 a month and Richard’s 1100 something or close to that– and we pay 815 a month rent plus tel, tv, computer, and utilities. so we make it but my senior advantage at Kaiser costs in copays for visits (a lot recently) and copays for pills — and while this recent spate was 206 there will me a lot more to come. (forgot a job? no. i had one.) (we are doing ok nonetheless: Yale mone is gone now they paid 25,000 for my papers now abt 6yrs ago and i hope to try to get Bolerium Bks to broker & shift the remnants that include a lot more poems. Not letters nowadays. So maybe a few more thou’s that way. NOT OUT YET. i wobble and totdter once in awhile but that’s be left for some other day.
    SO YOU SEE JOEY JOSEPH my friend, we are so doing on our end COMPARED YOU YOU THE KING OF THE CASTLE CALLED IMPAIRMENT we are ok and I’ll bet you’d take our situ if you could. Yet even YET IS ALWAYS EVEN A LOT and even though there are no miracles there is still hope and so you are there doing the next and the NEXT AND THE NEXT in your nest on the river with Carole and your dogs and nature. You did get your second-taste (cf to the ‘second-sight’ events that happen) back. KEEP ON KEEP ON this noting recording exploring. I went to a lecture a week ago on the JAINS in the Cultural Integration Foundation ashram about 6 blocks away on Fulton and 3rd Ave across from GG Park. My goddaughter niece Toya (Victoria who got her PhD from California Institute of Integral Studies: it grew from the CIF first as the Calif InstituteofAsianStudies begun from Dr Choudry & wife 60+ years ago –followers of Ananda somebody) anyway Toya told me about some pgrm there and I began going 11am sundays in January. Week after next more on Tagore. plus Joe they have lunch afterward and it is so good with curry(s) and salad and rice and treats all vegetable.
    Love, Ed p.s. I have been thinking of you. what songs do you love still? you know ones with lyrics and melodies that saved you when you felt alone and not lonely really but the solitary you happy at your core?

  2. Who would dare follow the brilliance and buoyancy of Edward Mycue? Not me. But a need to thank you both for this rich thread.

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