3 thoughts on “Painting

  1. Early Valentine to Joe

    Isnít that the idea
    to step away from
    ideas a stain
    painting or
    a mood out of
    formed color
    when words become
    too recognizable
    too representational
    except by this
    magical example
    all I might possibly
    believe is to keep
    working it.

  2. joseph, i’ve loved robt motherwell, morris louis,
    helen frankenthaler, robert rauschenberg even while haunted by jasper johns and ellsworth kelly and so along with a dozen or so more and the sculptor martin puryear and the surfaces kiki’s father david smith (appropriate name for a metal man) carved or engraved or etched on the surfaces of his sculptures i feel in this piece of yours their culminating gift. edward mycue

  3. Glad to see an artwork up; I have your martian moon you sent me hanging in my dining room. also miss your old tone.

    thelrd in TEXAS