I don’t know about you, but to me there is something deeply satisfying in the knowledge that the universe appears to be the result of an imbalance. Those old Navajo weavers were exactly right to put a flaw intentionally into their perfect rugs; the Japanese idea of wabi sabi captures this notion aesthetically, that a slight asymmetry makes for the greatest beauty.

One thought on “Existence

  1. just one year ago some friends from denmark where i lived in the late 1960’s were revisiting san francisco. the husband jouko marcussen is finnish from birth and he came to make a trip to najavo land because the dna of these “native americans” is identical to finns, someother scandinavians, hungarians, some mongolian peoples. and it is now said that the navajos came to north america from the west as the europeans came from the east.
    do you know anything about that? edward mycue

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