Still More Birds: Two Glimpses

This afternoon I took the terriers up along the Morgan Road & we saw a couple of wrens in the ditch weeds — couldn’t tell exactly what kind because they flitted away too quickly, but they had a prominent eye stripe. At the other end of the size scale, I heard a raven (not some†measly crow) croaking away down by the river where I’ve heard them before. Then caught a brief glimpse of him (or her) through the trees just before we got caught in a downpour. The sun came back out as we turned for home.

2 thoughts on “Still More Birds: Two Glimpses

  1. Henri’s Valentine

    I can freeze into sculpture
    if I see two wrens approach shyly
    for I too am shy and see
    they just want the water
    left in the ditch next
    to me for I too am
    next to me and so I watch
    as he leads the way
    hoping he wonít see
    me as he drifts up
    into the crotch of
    of a red tree she
    hopping close behind
    the scene is so still
    I suddenly realize
    Iíve never been happier
    in my whole life except
    the real epiphany
    came later as usual
    in the anti-climax
    of sleep and love.

  2. Woo-hoo! Peter, you nailed that experience. What a wonderful spark struck from my flat prose!

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