Small Demon
Mar 112010

In winter the crows congregate deep in the woods, doing their philosophy presumably, and we only see them high in the sky, circling in large groups. Now that the snow is melting we see them solo on the tops of white pines and cedars scouting territory for the breeding season. Sometimes one crow will follow us as we walk the dogs, arcing from one treetop to the next along the road. This morning we also saw the first returning Canada Goose. One almost never sees them by themselves, but this guy was flying north and squawking his head off. Having arrived early, he must have been lonely and looking for company. It won’t be long before they have returned in their numbers to our bend of the river, where they nest on the sandbar and get handouts of corn from Betty, who lives across the water from us.

  3 Responses to “Crows & A Lone Goose”

  1. Didn’t you see a duck once that was frozen to a pond by its feet?

  2. No, that wasn’t me, but it sounds sort of like some grim Zen koan!

  3. i have heard of something like that and it bothered me because of my own life feeling stalled, unable to move on in a sort of pillar of salt story.

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