Car Slob

I am a car slob. I have a nice new car, but I let it fill up with junk. I’m pretty tidy in general, but the car is a mess. When I drove old junkers it never seemed like a big deal, but with the new Honda, I thought I might change my ways. Alas, no.

One thought on “Car Slob

  1. a relation filled her car with even things like the pots and frying pan she used that morning. would visit on her coffee and lunch breaks. got harder and harder to return to work. or even to get into work from her car. it was more than a second home to her. that job ended and she got medication. new job as a city gardener. she did fine. don’t recall hearing about the car/hub/center then. she did love plants and coaching younger gardeners. she is dead now. i remember her as one of the most wonderful women i have ever known. if i ever did know her. remember the story of the turtle who carried house with it? was there some sort of allegory of who kind of good person that would be? edward mycue