Leaf Fall

The leaves have been turning color and falling for a couple of weeks now, but today was the first day they fell in great numbers, all at once, in big, wind-driven swirls. We’ve had waves of wind and rain all afternoon and the trees, though some still have green leaves, are noticably more naked. (Is the use of naked in that last sentence an example of what Cleanth Brooks would call the pathetic fallacy? Screw him.) Just now as I write this, a few shafts of late sun are breaking through and throwing an erie but beautiful light on the pines and maples across the road, which are glowing green and orange as if from within. A real Wordsworthian sort of moment, a brief gleam fading now before I finish the sentence.

4 thoughts on “Leaf Fall

  1. Screw Cleanth Brooks? God help us, I think there’s a poem in there!
    Barry Seiler

  2. Well, Barry, it’s just a little off hand joke. I don’t have anything in particular against the New Critics except in so far as they were once set up as authority figures. Poor fallen idols now, of course, so I probably shouldn’t pick on Brooks.

  3. I was coming up just as the New Critics were going down, so I wasn’t too badly damaged! I still find myself telling students to avoid the pathetic fallacy, though, so I was not entirely unscathed.

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