You hear a lot of talk about mentors and mentoring around a university and that’s certainly not a bad thing, but I wonder to what extent real mentoring can be institutionalized. I had a dream the night before last that has stuck with me — or parts of it have. I was traveling and having difficulties making my connections and getting my baggage right at the airport. It wasn’t frantic and people were helping me, but it was complicated and difficult. I was worn out and found myself in a room with a large mattress and I lay down to rest. At that point my old teacher HC came and put a light blanket over me. I think I remember him smiling and saying something reassuring, but I can’t be absolutely sure of that. A little later, after waking, I was in a nearby room with the poet David Wagoner, also a former teacher of mine. He was showing HC and me his father’s suit, which appeared to be made of light flannel — “I shall wear white flannel trousers and walk upon the beach.” Wagoner handed me his father’s suit jacket and told me to put it on. I think the sleeves were a little long. And he let me hold the trousers up to see how they were for length, but I didn’t try them on. There may have been more after that, but I don’t remember.