7 thoughts on “My Favorite Songwriter Who Isn’t Bob Dylan

  1. I do like Greg Brown. I used to hear him play in a little pub near the U of I campus in the late seventies. By the way, that clip you posted of Richard Thompson playing “1952 Vincent” is wonderful. Thompson has brilliantly carried the Anglo-Celtic ballad tradition forward, as has Dylan, who added blues.

  2. How miserably different my life would be without Dylan, Cohen, and Lou Reed. Eww, I hate to think of it.

  3. Greg Brown also does “1952 Vincent Black Lightning” sometimes (and lots of Dylan, too).

    I was amazed by how simple Thompson’s playing seemed on that video! Simple in the sense of not complicated, not simple in the sense of easy to do!

  4. Andrew, that’s the thing about real masters — they know how to do simple. I just came from the first day of an intro to poetry class where we read and worked through Jarrell’s “The Death of the Ball Turret Gunner.” A simple little poem.