6 thoughts on “Actual Size Abstraction

  1. I like this very much. I saw it and some time/days later saw this by Transtromer and remembered your picture:


    Headlong headlong waters; roaring; old hypnosis.
    The river swamps the car-cemetery, glitters
    behind the masks.
    I hold tight to the bridge railing.
    The bridge: a bird iron bird sailing past death.

  2. I like the Transtromer poem, how straightforward it is until it turns in the last line toward mystery.

  3. Yes I think it’s the hiddenness
    what’s hidden the poem/poetry’s
    finally “toward” or after, as in
    expressionism, where some exploded
    detail of murky reality starts
    to melt away a little
    but can’t quite reveal
    what isn’t visible anyway
    death tucked
    inside it.

  4. That image looks a lot like when I was in NYC last week among the concrete canyons. I looked up and saw a slice of the sky.

  5. Sorry,just noticed, the last line of the Transtromer poem above ahould read: “The bridge: a big iron bird sailing past death” not “bird iron bird” as I typed it.


    Shall I set as background
    to my life an actual size
    abstraction rather than
    how the whirlpool sliced
    and bridged me how I held on
    to that bird of death
    after all you were with me.

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