One thought on “Note to Self (VN Diary No. 23)

  1. what was that ‘at 4 in the afternoon’ –Lorca.
    anyway it was something abt they came for him
    at 4 in the afternoon. where’s my memory and why am i hearing music from Tosca! Lordy, it must arise from your travails in another language. How is this alike losing a language vs gathering the elements of another language. The drifts the clouds the wisps the fogs the gloamings and we pray how do we love thee, language, let us count the ways: we love them to the length and breadth and height my soul can reach…because that’s our last duchess hanging by a thread all frayed and breaking there where my heart that camel cannot find the needle’s eye and my own eyen are fogged over as over the falls i fall into the devil’s hole up over into the cataracts of Niagara gorge where once an erie boy sweeps into the/my last ontario and into a thousand islands a lawrencian tale told in hudson’s bay to my mother atlantic on the last shelf home. we’re all lost here and as bartley’s mother moans: they’re all gone now.