Moral Disorder

Margaret Atwood is a terrific writer. I picked up her collection of stories, Moral Disorder, in the Vancouver airport a couple of days ago and have been reading it in little sips. There is a transparency to the prose that creates an acute sense of the real. (I am in love with the real.) But what really gets to me is a tone of detached good humor that is deeply intelligent without the least bit of showing off. As I’m now a beginning writer of short stories, I take these as models to aspire to.

3 thoughts on “Moral Disorder

  1. You’re right abt Atwood. But something else i recall when in the early 70’s she came to San Francisco to read her poems (she was thought of as a poet then) more than once and my painter and other artist friends were lining up because of her poems. She delighted visual and plastic artists and they flocked to her readings.

  2. My reading lately has been sips as you say. Nice to hear a reference to this behavior.

  3. Laura, sometimes something is so good I don’t want to finish it too quickly. Other times, alas, I gulp down narrative in big swallows.

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