Typhoid Meds

Typhoid Meds

Getting ready to go to Vietnam in April, so I went and got a tetanus booster shot on Thursday & am taking meds for typhus. Feels a little weird to be putting live germs in my gut, no matter how “attenuated.” Apparently, side effects are usually mild. We’ll see. Since I’ve been to VN several times, I have most of the other shots I need & the truth is, in the cities (where I will spend most of my time) most of the things I’m vaccinated against are not really a problem. But I am hoping to get out in the countryside a bit, thus the excess of caution.

2 thoughts on “Typhoid Meds

  1. When I went to Kenya, I had to take a prophylactic malaria medicine that had psychotropic effects. I wound up with about six months of deep, dark depression. It was strange to know that my despair was merely chemical because that didn’t make it feel any different at all.

    Spread peace and goodwill, my friend. The world needs that from Americans.

  2. Pablo, they have new malaria meds (Doxycycline)that don’t do that. I’m taking some with me that I’ll take if I go down to the Mekong Delta, which is the only place it’s really a problem in VN.