Small Demon
Jan 272009

I’m one of the runnersup for the Paumanok Poetry Award, which is more than just a consolation prize: I’ll be giving a reading next year down on Long Island, at SUNY Farmingdale, which will be cool because I don’t get down that way very often & the award pays enough that I’ll be able to stay in NYC for a couple of days & go to museums & bookstores.

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  4 Responses to “Paumanok Poetry Award”

  1. congratulations. it’s another opportunity to spread your wings and your smile. edward mycue

  2. That’s great news. I loved the poem you published in The Sun too. Sabbatical arrives just as you hit a new stride marked by wide vision and that urgency that comes with good storytelling. You seem to be enjoying the work too.

  3. Congratulations! I hope you enjoy your reading at SUNY Farmingdale. I graduated in 1966 when it was still a 2-year school. It was a great adventure.

  4. Congratulations, Joe. Very cool.

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