Well, That Makes All the Difference, Then

The Rev. Dr. Joseph S. Pagano writes, in a letter to the New York Times Magazine:

Molly Worthen states that “John Calvin had heretics burned at the stake.” Actually, there was only one person executed for his religious opinions in Geneva during Calvin’s lifetime. This was Michael Servetus. Calvin arranged for the accusation and arrest of Servetus, but it was the City Council that prosecuted the case and condemned Servetus to be burned alive. Calvin, as a habitant, a legal resident alien with no right to vote or to hold any public position, was excluded from the dispensation of civil and criminal justice. Calvin tried to have the mode of execution changed to the more humane beheading. The city council ignored him.

A real humanitarian, Calvin. As for Mark Driscoll, he’s just another authoritarian prick from Pricksville.