Small Demon
Jan 022009

…Bankers horning in on the arts. They ruined thier own “industry” & now they want to ruin mine. I’m sure some of them want to retrain as Englsih professors, too.

  4 Responses to “That’s Just Great…”

  1. Yeah that T.S.Eliot was a right bastard to give up clerking: Ex-bankers, risk-averse … (and he turned Englsih too!)

  2. Eliot, of course, was a poet before he became a banker in order to support himself, then he went into the semi-respectable publishing business, became a Christian, wrote a bunch of boring plays. Maybe he should have stuck with banking.

  3. Pile up the desks and blackboards! Charge your muskets! No Pasarán!

  4. well i don’t know who is to blame, but stacey’s the bookstore 85 years old is closing in march i was informed this morning from the site.
    edward mycue, san francisco

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