Small Demon
Nov 162008

My friend the indefatigable Anny Ballardini has begun assembling an online collection of poems written in response to the recent US election. There is a call for further submissions, as well. (Anny does a lovely job, by the way, of presenting poetry online.) The New York Times did something similar last week, with poems from five American poets — Ashbery‘s was the only one that moved me — but in any case the collection developing at Fiera Lingue is much more capacious, generous, & daring than the stuff in the Times.

  3 Responses to “Poetic Responses to the Election”

  1. Opps, blushing. Thank you very much. I missed The New York Times Collection, will see if I can find it.

  2. Just click the phrase “something similar” in the post above, dear Anny.

  3. Thank you Joseph!
    It snowed a little here, let’s hope in a white white winter!

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