Small Demon
Oct 232008

One of these little guys has been hanging out in the dogwood tree outside my study window, plucking the last of the berries, then flitting up to the high branches of the pine to catch the sun. He spent a good ten minutes going back and forth this morning before heading deeper into the woods.

  2 Responses to “Hermit Thrush”

  1. Cute!
    The other day there was one of these little animals by the window of the gym – only, he was dead.


    How could this be orange plumage
    without a proper yellow first

    or blue this darkness disrobe
    if light had not entered him

    here on this narrow peninsula
    call it bed or shorebird

    ab insulo all that’s left
    of a Roman aqueduct I loved

    a smile floating down
    think about it

    how in everything
    we’re held back

    except in thinking of you
    we’re already free.

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