Small Demon
Oct 222008

So this obviously won’t be a problem. Well, not for him — he has the best health insurance money can by. For the rest of us, he thinks we ought to be able to get by on five grand a year. Oh, and the free market will reduce costs so much that that five thousand dollars (for a family, only $2500 if you’re single) will make insurance affordable.

  2 Responses to “John McCain Thinks We Have Too Much Health Care as it Is”

  1. Just a few days before the last debate, a woman whose blog I read live-blogged her 8 year-old daughter’s *third* liver transplant. So when John McCain lumped transplants in there with cosmetic surgery under “gold plated” health care it was all I could do not to throw a shoe at the TV. He’s so out of touch it’s almost funny, except that he makes decisions that affect people’s lives. I’d tell him to go read Moreena’s blog but, well, we all know what good that would do. First of all, what’s a blog? Second of all, she’s just an woman anyway.

  2. “a woman” I mean. That last line should read “just a woman anyway.”

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