Contemporary Poems about Autumn. . .

. . . Collected by my pal Annie Ballerdini at her site fieralingue, including one by me that, upon rereading, I like quite a lot.

5 thoughts on “Contemporary Poems about Autumn. . .


    Now the trees have gotten past
    their simple desire to please

    and the streets change clothes
    between lovers on their knees

    yes it’s that breed of beaten-
    down day the American songbook

    turns on the rain on its way
    out the door all that transport

    the leaves brought to the light
    to relive or relieve it does cross

    the abyss does overcompensate
    head-on into the opposing lanes

    into the dark wallow
    whispering holy hell.

  2. What a delight to read your blog.

    Would you be so kind as to read mine and give me some honest feedback. Thank you in advance

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