Hayden Carruth is Dead at 87

My favorite living American poet has joined the immortal dead. Hayden Carruth died yesterday in Munsville, just down the interstate from me. I never met him, though I corresponded with him briefly in the late 1980s. Just reread The Sleeping Beauty, trying to find inspiration for my own book-length poem. A capacious mind, an intelligent poet.

2 thoughts on “Hayden Carruth is Dead at 87

  1. This has been a tough year for writers. About twenty years ago Carruth gave a reading at the Writers’ Institute at SUNY Albany. It was the first time I heard any of his poetry and I was swept up by his long prose form. There was supposed to be a Q&A after the reading, but when he was done he announced, “I’m an old man and I have to go to the bathroom. Thank you so much.” And off he went. The audience applauded; it was precisely the kind of eccentric moment his poems had prepared us for.

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