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Most people who come by this space probably also read Josh Marshall's TPM, but if you don't, then please read this post about John McCain. I wonder if Nancy Pelosi will "take impeachment off the table" when it turns out that Vice President Palin has lied to the grand jury investigating Troopergate, as she inevitably will. I'm not saying that Obama will not win, but as Marshall notes, it is clearly possible that John McCain will be our next president, as lying, race-baiting, & morally unfit a president as we will have had since Nixon. And if McCain is our next president, speaking personally, I will simply have to give up the last shreds of my liberal American idealism & admit to myself that I live among a jingoistic, shallow, racist, selfish, & stupid citizenry. So, yeah, I'm an elitist -- I believe in trying to find the truth, however provisional -- while my salt-of-the-earth fellow Americans -- at least half of them, those ordinary folk Mrs. Palin is supposed to appeal to -- have become the sort of radical moral relativists so long denounced by the culture warriors of the hard right, a deeply ironic turn of events the right itself  seems completely unaware of. Allan Bloom & William Bennett where art thou?

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Joseph Duemer is Professor of Literature Emeritus at Clarkson University in northern New York state. His most recent book of poems is Magical Thinking from Ohio State University Press. Since the mid-1990s he has spent a good deal of time in Vietnam, mostly Hanoi. He lives with his wife Carole & five terriers (four Jack Russells & one Patterdale) on the stony bank of the Raquette River in South Colton.

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  1. My own political background is small, but it has included voting for awhile, and I happened to notice you are putting time into election discussion. (Also, I think you are redesigning this blog – it says the q.v. is “to come”.) The newspaper in Tacoma carries the Tad Bartimus syndicated column. Her column from Sunday, listed as “Say Goodbye to Superwoman” at her website, Tad, claims Sarah Palin lost her right to blame the media for interruptions to her children’s privacy because she made the decision to pursue her career while not spending time with them. This is not exactly what I was thinking – children who are numbers in a series of pregnancies should realize it is the age of the mother that seems to affect the possibility of birth defects – this concern blurs the actual reason why Planned Parenthood and Zero Population Growth have mattered, which is of course the World Overpopulation Crisis. I think the vice presidential choice creates a distraction from that genuine concern. Are you redesigning the blog? By the way, I think in earlier archives you mention a symposium about some of my poems at Pleiades magazine.

  2. If McCain wins the election, what will be added to my long lists of grievances is that the decision will have been made by people who have been persuaded to believe that a “community organizer” is a bad thing. It will be a sound-bite election (perhaps no different than most in the past) and the mass of Americans will gladly be duped.

    John McCain can lead us into the 20th Century! This election we have the choice between making history, and repeating it.

  3. Laura, if you search for your name in the search box, you’ll find my comment of the Jensen symposium — it’s just a few posts back.

    I haven’t done any major redesigning, just a few little tweaks. I’ve been meaning to put my c.v. up for a long time but have just never gotten around to it. I’m not really looking for a job, so it would just be showing off anyway.

    Pablo: Agreed.

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