Small Demon
Aug 282008

That’s what the radical right always says when somebody actually calls them out. Classic bully behavior. But in any case, how fucking delusional can you be? These people have a pretty exalted view of their place in the world & their relationship to the divine; but then I knew that, I grew up with the creeps.

  One Response to “It Was Only a Joke”

  1. On the morning after the 2000 election, a student here in Basel asked me what I thought about the Bush family. I said I did not like them because they are bullies. She did not know the word “bully,” but I knew she was a Harry Potter fan, so with a flash of insight, I said that the Bushes are like the Malfoy family. — And like you, I can tell a bully a mile away, because I grew up with them.

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