This is pretty clearly a political murder. The murderer was simply carrying the rhetoric of the hard right to its logical conclusion. This is John McCain’s & George Bush’s belligerent America. The killer’s derangement will be described in psychological terms, but it is a social & political derangement. [Link fixed.]

3 thoughts on “Assassination

  1. It’s the enabling, the climate of vicious contempt, and the frustration of basically regular folks who have no balancing info coming at them. Just the spew, the constant stream of cheap vitriol and subliminal urging toward violence that’s the sonic landscape for these guys. Cut off and tuned in to hate radio. And watching things degrade all around them.

  2. I think your link might be misdirected. If you’re speaking of the murder in Arkansas, I agree completely. Just like the man who shot of a Unitarian Church because he didn’t like the “liberal movement” these fools a victims of right-wing rhetoric that substitutes indignation for reason.