Buyer’s Remorse

I think I want my money back. The money I’ve sent to the Obama campaign & the DNC over the last few months, that is. First Obama sells out the 4th Amendment by supporting the wiretapping “compromise,” then yesterday he writes off my political generation by sneering at “the sixties” as if he were some kind of right-wing culture warrior, & today we get to hear about his “faith-based” initiatives. Seeing him run away from General Wesley Clark’s dead-on analysis of John McCain’s use of his status as a “war hero” turned my stomach. Next I expect him to come out for teaching creationism in public schools.

I wonder how many other of the small contributors to the Obama campaign are beginning to feel as I do. I wonder who the Obama campaign thought was sending in all those contributions during the primaries. I think a lot of them were people like me, with politics similar to mine. I wonder if the contributions will keep coming. Mine won’t. I will vote for Obama in the fall, but I will do so without enthusiasm, conviction, or hope.

2 thoughts on “Buyer’s Remorse

  1. Joe-

    I also share your dismay and think the GOPhascist agenda of moving the center to the right is a poison-pill that we will be dealing with for years to come.

    As the campaign progresses I think it’s safe to say Obama will emphasize his centrist beliefs in order to broaden his base. I think/hope! it’s a winning strategy.

    Somebody once said Harry Truman was “a bastard-but at least he’s our bastard.”

    In sum, Obama is our bastard.

  2. I can intellectually understand what Obama is doing, but not like it. He’ll be a superior president to McCain, but I don’t think he’ll end up being the president I wanted him to be.

    This is very likely my last election voting Democrat. It’s time to make the Green/Progressive party into a viable third party.