Buying a Chair

I ordered a leather chair today, as a gift to myself for my 58th birthday later this month. A chair for reading. And when I say a chair, I mean a chair — it’s not terrifically large & its lines are simple, but it’s the sort of chair you you have to special order & have built to your specifications. I looked at about a hundred leather samples this morning & going strictly on look & feel chose nearly the most expensive one. Fuck it — 58 is creeping me out slightly. It won’t be ready for about six weeks, so I will have time to rearrange my work room to accommodate it.

Update: Ooops! I’m only turning 57. Hope this doesn’t mean I have to cancel the order for the chair. 57 isn’t creeping me out quite as much as when I thought I was turning 58. The even numbers are the worst.

2 thoughts on “Buying a Chair

  1. I’ve been away and I missed the chance to wish you a happy birthday on the day. So this is late but heartfelt: May this be a year of great health and creativity. Enjoy your cool chair too.

  2. on the great highway (# 1) about halfway from san francisco south to santa cruz past “ano nuevo” (the n in ano has a tilde over it) state beach (with the sea lions)–and before you get to the pigeon point lighthouse/museum– is the town of pescadero 2 miles in from the coast. for years it has had antique stores (and the great & ancient restaurant duarte’s where richard steger always honors his italian side by ordering the fried smelts–little things with their heads on–and i always eat just a couple to prove i’m i can). one of these shops (it may still be there) was devoted to new furniture that could be made for you with mainly leather of choice (cost upwards of 1000 dollars then)–and they were comfortable. very. i wonder if it’s like your new
    chair. beautiful woods to choose from. and it would take a month or more to have made. you couldn’t just walk out with one. enjoy. ed