Late Spring Birds

In the yard, mostly goldfinches, sparrows, & chickadees. Heard a loon call around 5:00 a.m. the other morning, then spotted him flying over an hour later while we were walking the dogs. Carole says she hears a kind of crazy desperation in the loon’s cry, but I hear more mournfulness — anthropomorphizing in both cases, of course. There appears to be a pair of crows nesting in the woods beside the pond just across the road: at least I’ve seen them hanging around that location & they fly through our yard several times a day on their rounds. Driving out Rt. 11 toward Potsdam yesterday, I saw an oriel dart across the road with its unmistakable orange. Then we have our usual population of jays, flickers, swifts, Canada geese, turkey vultures, & herons.

One thought on “Late Spring Birds

  1. i always like these nature/wildlife posts of yours.
    i trust your observation and those of your reports of how carole sees/senses also. ed

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