May Day: “To Fan The Flames of Discontent”

Via Scott McLemee at Quick Study, with a further comment at Crooked Timber. And here is a link to the Little Red Songbook, “to fan the flames of discontent.” Back in the seventies I had the good fortune to meet a couple of old Wobblies who had worked the docks in Seattle and knew people who had survived the Everett Massacre. Back then I had a friend named Blake, a hell of a guitar player who knew all the songs. Happy May Day, Blake!

Bonus Track: Shawntay Henry, a high school student from the US Virgin Islands, reads Robert Hayden’s poem “Frederick Douglass.” Henry won the Poetry Out Loud competition yesterday.

Second Bonus Track: A Mayday story from 3QD.

One thought on “May Day: “To Fan The Flames of Discontent”


    No communism but lots more fascism
    No baseball but lots more men out
    No Rosa Parks but lots more cockamamie
    No impeachment but lots more bleeding

    No jobs but lots more hepatitis
    No gas but lots more machines
    No farmers but lots more mad cows
    No poetry but lots more poets

    No tears but lots more torture
    No April but lots more yellow snow
    No unions but lots more churches

    No karma but lots more rapture
    No confessions but lots more atheists
    No revolution but lots more concerts.

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