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Apr 132008

I wanted to mention our new cutting board, custom-made by Matt Christie. Matt has his own blog, Pas Au-Delà & is also a contributor to Long Sunday. I found out about his woodworking skills because Scott McLemee, my favorite cultural critic, mentioned Matt on his blog, Quick Study. Confused? Doesn’t matter, just look at this beauty. You can contact Matt through his blog, linked above. The board, even with shipping & a bottle of oil to treat the surface, cost about half as much as would something similar in a retail kitchen shop. A rather woody picture, now that I look at it — oak cutting board on a cherry table in front of a pine chair.
Cutting Board

Cutting Board (Detail)

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  1. It takes quite a piece of wood in today’s world of chipboard to make a chopping block such as that. My parents are both contractors and I have been around woodworking all of my life and can see when someone cares about their work. This is quite a piece.

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