3 thoughts on “Does Libertarianism Cause Brain Damage?

  1. Yes, JD– read the cosmic variance remarks with some amusement, and then growing dismay. Wonderful site, though.

  2. I suppose it could be the other way around. Ron Paul supporters tend to be white males between 20 and 25. This strikes me as correct. It is also the average age and gender of readers of Ayn Rand. It’s a stage that some go through. Then they grow up. For those with more permanent libertarian tendencies there is always northern Idaho and Alaska. Ironically, these are areas that receive public support disproportionately high when compared to the actual population count.

  3. MD< I agree that CV is a great site, but as with many Science Blogs blogs, there is a libertarian slant to the readership. I think Science Blogs writers, to make a sweeping generalization, have a habit of making a kind of “religion” out of rationality & skepticism that affects their rhetoric. Or, let’s just say that many of them have a greater faith in progress than I do. I’m happy to have them shooting down the global warming & evolutions denialists, of course.