Collage No. 4 / 4a

Collage 4aCollage 4 These two pieces are opposite sides of the same page in the handsewn book Carole helped me make & in which I have been making all my collages. I've actually made thirteen so far, working my way almost to the end of the book's first signature (of three). If you click on the images at left you can see larger images & perhaps even notice the holes I have been cutting into the pages in order to let other pages show through. I have been using a lot of old business envelopes because of their transparent windows & their patterned inner surfaces. The other thing I've noticed is that the vertical orientation of the page and its aspect ratio have led me -- mostly unconsciously, at least at first -- to organize the shapes using a rough grid, the vertical axis dominant.

Author: jd

Joseph Duemer is Professor of Literature Emeritus at Clarkson University in northern New York state. His most recent book of poems is Magical Thinking from Ohio State University Press. Since the mid-1990s he has spent a good deal of time in Vietnam, mostly Hanoi. He lives with his wife Carole & five terriers (four Jack Russells & one Patterdale) on the stony bank of the Raquette River in South Colton.

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  1. i figure you are familiar with robert motherwell (big in my pantheon–and everybody in boston knew his giant painting elegy to the spanish civil war in the city hall stilted-bunker there not yet built when i was in school there so that i got to experience the banking of the flames at scully square): have you read his voluminous writing? you may not have because after death his presence slipped out of the public picture frame. but i know you would like him for his thought and the expression. ed

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